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And now for something completely different

I’m taking a break from the sci fi thing. It’s November and that means nanowrimo.

Since having kids I’ve wanted to write something fun for the boys. My challenge this month will be to do just that. An adventurous, funny, what’ll-happen-next story about a very imaginative boy who has great self-confidence and who knows that with hard-work he can achieve anything. A story that will show how there’s no such thing as dreaming too big.



Awesome Hotdog X is not the name I was born with. Suffice it to say my parents chose something ridiculously boring. No, I won’t tell you. It would compromise my entire operation. What operation? Well, as you will find out, I am a boy with A Plan. Let’s just say: Never EVER underestimate a first grader. Or do, because that will just let me get the drop on you!


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