“All this?”

“And most importantly, this.” Jaxon was holding a vial. “In here is the uncertainty machine. Programmed randomness.”

“A vial?”

“It is ancient tech, as old as the sphere itself.”

“But everything is -“

“Controlled centrally of course. Just every so often we do a random event. It is Earth-like and part of where we come from.”

“Sometimes I just feel like going to the park -“

“And everyone else has the same idea? Altered sleep to push you into early action phase. Alter lighting and climate to unseasonably warm.”

“They want me to head AI.” Jaxon pressed a hand onto his friend’s back, “That’s why I need you Henri.”

“You don’t know anything about computers!”

“Firstly, thanks. Secondly, I told them that. It’s something to do with not being a political pick.” 

“The only tip I can give you is percussive maintenance.”


“If in doubt, give it a whack.”


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