The connection to home.

Curled up in his pod, Jaxon poked a fork at his mushroom box and scanned his comm taps. Henri was on, so he called him up.

“What’s this about breaking the top fifty?”

“Fifty thousand Jax, don’t get too excited, but yeah I’m killing it in the driving sim. Check out the maps when you get home, I used the same route we used to take to brain games. Modified it around a high spec shuttle, but the time is right down now.”

“Good to hear buddy. I have to thank you for the suggestion, by the way.”

“What suggestion?”

“I rolled the dice on asteroid mining. Check out my new digs” Jaxon swung the lens about to show his white-sheeted bed, a shelf beside the head and a kit-bag at the feet.

“Oooh luxurious!” Henri laughed, “I can’ believe you went through with it. What are they like up there? Are they all rough and dirty?”

“No, nothing like that! Well, a bit rough I guess. The girl seems pretty sensitive-“

“A girl, eh? Let me see!”

“No pics. She was actually really upset this morning.”

“Oh, did she have the dream too?”

It hadn’t even occured to Jaxon that someone else on mission could have dreamt the same. He shook his head, like he wasn’t sure.

“Well to be honest, that’s probably the only reason I broke the top fifty thou’ was because of this stuff going on with the dream.”

“You mean they dropped out mid-race? Dreaming?”

“Well I don’t know. There was a lot of chatter about it, then people just went offline.”

Jaxon set his mushroom box down on the shelf.

“A win’s a win buddy. Don’t downplay. Did, er, did you have the dream?”

“Nah, slept fine. You?”

Jaxon took a sip from his water straw. “Oh, um, yeah but it’s ok. I’m ok.”

“Well that’s good. Sounds like some people are really sad after they saw it. Listen I hate to say it but I miss ya, you should have seen the run. I’ll post a video. And happy digging. Come back a squillionaire! Then we can really mod up and set some duo records!”

“Sure thing Henri, you wait. Seeya.”

And just like that the comm tap went red and Jaxon lost his line to the sphere. 

He didn’t know how long he had sat there, staring at his blank comm tap, but it must have been a while. Ren was bellowing for him and a light blinked and blinked and blinked. An orange light.

No time to mope, he was being recalled.


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