The Natural Union of Thinker and Thought.

The core is the AI. In an age when the smallest control the largest, it is hard to get a feel for the size of the AI’s processing power.

The Sphere is reliant upon its carefully assessments which controls time frame. All data goes in, and what comes out is the most efficient routine and here it is, a series of halls that are themselves stitched with the data transfer web, enacting minute to minute changes to keep everything ticking along.

The only office belongs to Niobe. Blind from birth and tuned to the machinery of the sphere.

Wills stood beside a visitor’s chair, watching as Niobe felt along the edge of his contact device.

“Can she feel this?” He thought, hoping his other less-innocent data wouldn’t catch her attention. He felt sickly and warm.

“I don’t really think we need to report until we have all the data. If anything, it seems careless to not wait until we have the full picture.

Will’s tongue drew along his lip in a cautious way. “So we will shut off? Then report to the Elders after?” He asked.

“We can just see how it plays out.”

“But Deep Sleep is already moving on this.” He put a hand on the chair. “Favro.”

“So stop him. They can’t mention anything until the test is over.”

Wills collected up his contact device. Favro’s comm was already retrieved and waiting on the surface of the device.

“Call now.”


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