The head of Neurology, Wills, was reluctant.

“Sleep must not be disturbed. It’s absolutely vital.”

“I know Sir, but what if the sleep states are already disrupted?” Favro’s assistant was swapping out the data glass one by one.

“Then we’d see it here, in the upload.”

“That’s the problem. We know a number of people are disrupted, have been disrupted, in their rest periods. The feedback from the data bank hasn’t shown anything. Compare the health charts with the sonatime reports. The sonatime data is showing nothing.”

“We have faith in the machines. What about these people? Could they have heard about the dreams and let their imaginations take over? Some kind of anxiety during the night?”

“All of them? Experiencing the same thing! Are you a man of science or not?”

Wills stood up, knocking his glass display. “I am Sir! Are you? The machines-”

“The machines are not king, the data is. We must shut off the machines and recalibrate. Clearly they are faulty in reporting the data.”

Favro’s assistant put a hand on the still rocking display. As it settled the two men looked at the glass plate again.

Wills sighed. “This is Favro’s recommendation. I will second it, but it is on his head.”

“Understood. Mr Favro thanks you for your support. We will in time need assistance in planning the recalibration.”

“If it passes council…”

The assistant gave a nod and left.

Wills tapped on his display. “Assistant. Arrange a meeting with Niobe. Tell them it’s urgent.”


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