Cosmic Oceans


You might think ten billion or so years is a long time. Long enough that we observed Sol’s death. Long enough that we travelled to places ancient Earth had only detected through radiation and gravitational pull. We found life, but mostly it was of the tiny kind.

The thing is space is much like the deepest oceans of Earth. There is life there that, if you were in a boat, minuscule and surface bound, you might not ever know existed. Yet, existed they have, for far longer than humanity.

There are great giants swimming invisible through the cosmos. They’ve adapted to life in the pressure and dark of that eternal night. Their skin reflects both light to camouflage and senses the electrical energy of what is around them. They are blind and gentle, seeming to eat nothing but rather be sustained by the heat and radiation of stars.

They have moved silently around us for millennia.

Image courtesy of Julie Beloussow.


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