Initial Observations.

The Eldest had no choice then. He called for an open inquiry, which had not been done since the Messerflu outbreak. It had solved that one through statistical analysis and modification of the demographic spread and housing arrangements. He had great faith that science would prevail.


The first thing was an open call. A carefully worded announcement asked that “All who had experienced recent sleep disturbance” should attend the central clinics. Across the six clinics there were about seventy cases that, of those who first presented, were determined as having the same experience. 

“I think we need to review the sonatime machines,” Favro was looking over the cleared data. He was a deep sleep specialist, too young to have worked on the original machines but he had campaigned  for the full roll out of the wireless version about ten years ago.

“This doesn’t match up with the results. Non-sonatime users are also effected.” His assistant picked up a glass piece and placed it in the display. “And their numbers are not insignificant.”

“Yes, I see that, but look at how many are not experiencing the same dream, who none the less have presented in clinic as having had trouble with their sleep. Look at the median blood pressure, the active areas in the brain scans…”

“Disturbed rest periods have that effect.”

“Yes, but why so many being disturbed? Check with neurology, nano flush should clear and reinforce the brain function, but lost sleep cannot be recovered. What if this isn’t all of them? Would someone who wasn’t fully disrupted even know it? What of you lost only twenty percent of the deep REM cycle? or ten? or five? What is the threshold here? How do we even find those people?” Favro picked up a glass plate and moved it into a higher slot. 

“You’re talking about a data review. We may have to shut down whole sections of the machines.”

“Yes, if not all of them at once,” Favro took out three glass plates and stacked them. He passed them to the assistant quickly, as if he were worried he might change his mind. “So take this to the head of neuroscience. We’re going to need allies before we present to the Assembly.”



(Image sourced from Spectrum.)


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