At The Assembly

“These are just dreams, you know…”
At the middle of the central table, where the Eldest was seated, Jaxon’s testimony appeared to be dismissed.

“If I might interject Sir,” The head of neuroscience stood up. “We used to all dream Jaxon. It’s a way the brain processes information. Think about everything that happens to you between rests. The mind needs to sort it. Describe what you saw and perhaps we can help you make sense of it, perhaps refer you to a counsellor…”

Jaxon stood near the back of the assembly, forced to speak louder than he felt comfortable with.

After taking the counsel of his parents he had decided to bring the matter to the assembly. Now he felt a great regret at even mentioning it and reddened as he explained what he saw.
He was no great story teller, the bare facts laid out quickly and when he fell silent the was murmuring at one end of the table.

“This has happened three times now,” he added.

At this the neurologist stood again.
“Sir, this is what a few of our number have reported.”
“Yes, fine.” The Eldest waved his hand.
“No, I mean exactly. The same sight. The same timing. A number of fellows had approached me in confidentiality. I will not break that bond, but no less than five disciplines, over twenty individuals, and I have scanned them all. Nothing amiss biologically. Psychologically. No one thread to tie then all together except that they are a Intellectus and have the same dream. But now a Ludo? It has approached his mind during sonatime usage… This is not just a problem, it is… Elders, help me with the right term.”
“- An enigma?”
“Yes. The logic behind it is hidden. A mystery.”


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