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A bit about me.


My names mel. I’m Australian but, more importantly, I’m from Earth. I know you all are too. Well most of you. 

I’ve been writing for a long while. So long that my hand got tired and I gave up for a bit. About 5 years ago. What broke me? Well, nanowrimo technically. That was the last thing I wrote. A novel in a month. No, that’s unfair to wrimo. I’ll admit I was burnt out after it but I also had some life changes. It’s not that the circumstances didn’t permit, it’s that I used the circumstances as a convenient scapegoat.

So about a fortnight ago my supportive fiancé told me I should polish up that wrimo turd novel and get it publish. Great. Except that wrimo isn’t really about producing quality. It’s more like running a marathon. Five years later what I produced just doesn’t hold up. The truth is, despite my B.A. (Hons) in literature and theatre, the sort of weighty tome I was working toward just doesn’t seem relevant.

So where have I found truth and beauty? What works have echoed on in my heart? Excited and inspired me?



So fellow Earthlings, and others, I’m going to try something very different for myself. A genre which I’ve always read and admired but found too challenging to even attempt. I love it so deeply that it honestly intimidates me. I may not ever be listed amongst the masters, but I’m going to have fun trying. With all of the universe to play in, surely there’s room for little ol’ me?


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