So many years ago now that it isn’t even remembered, there was one girl who was inherently lazy. She dreamt beautiful, colourful, larger-than-Earth dreams and wanted to share them, but was far too lazy to put pen to paper, or to draw them or make a movie. So her dreams took it upon themselves to make a means to their own ends. They dreamt together a place and time when dreams themselves would be the commodity. A time when imagination and creative thought were so rare that dreams themselves were idolised. A time when the technology had advanced sufficiently that what the closed eye sees could be broadcast to the dreamless. This isn’t the story of that girl. This is the story of the dream.


They didn’t find their form back then. They were trapped inside the minds of individuals as surely as the individuals themselves were bound to one time and place. Yet already there were others who worked to defy this one plus one advancement of time. Who perceived the universe as a whole, shifting and shimmering, that they could land at any place and time with in. In many ways, She (that first dreamer) could never have started this movement. It was up to the dreams themselves to send out, with all their might, their will to be heard.

In truth, the answer didn’t come until the end. Humanity had long since left the Earth. They were out billions of light years beyond that slumbering child when Jaxon awoke with a start. His night had been interrupted. He lay there a moment, still unsure which side of the threshold he stood on, having never even been aware their was a threshold. To him, and all of his time, there was no dreaming. You closed your eyes, took rest to the beating of the sonatime device, and awoke replenished by it’s carefully programmed binaural vibrations. The greatest invention of the past fifty years had been in making the sonatime wireless. There was no longer even the ritual of applying the head piece. Sleep was just darkness.

What Jaxon had experienced though had been bright as day. A river of information flying across the length space and showing him a girl riding a fantastical beast, not unlike their equaas but with four legs and shorter hair. She had leant in close to the neck of the beast and steered it towards him, she had seen him! He was paralysed. He could feel his legs solid, as though stuck in the mud, and his heart raced as she drew nearer. She stopped though. A little ways off, she slowed her beast and called out. The words were unfamiliar, but the meaning struck in him like a bell. He understood she was a surprised as he. She was friendly. She said hello. And it was just a moment, that’s all he got, before his legs moved and in moving woke him. His eyes opened into the darkness of his pod and he felt like he had been dropped out of a fast moving vehicle. 


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