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We’ll Never Be Rested: What if Parents Rewrote the Lyrics to Lorde’s ‘Royals’?

Originally posted on Josh Stearns:
Lorde’s song “Royals” was everywhere in 2013. But my wife and I wondered, what if instead of a 17 year-old superstar, it was overtired parents of young kids who had written this song. The lyrics below are the result. My friend, singer/songwriter Lisa Hillary  recorded our lyrics and it is amazing.…



“All this?” “And most importantly, this.” Jaxon was holding a vial. “In here is the uncertainty machine. Programmed randomness.” “A vial?” “It is ancient tech, as old as the sphere itself.” “But everything is -“ “Controlled centrally of course. Just every so often we do a random event. It is Earth-like and part of where … Continue reading



The slow and persistent blink, dark red and coming from deep within the iris, a perfect mirror for Will’s ambition. “He was once a lower intern. Gifted, yes, but not of the standard that would naturally advance in his department. I offered a solution. It’s elegant, really, he can see in one eye as you … Continue reading



“Busy!” Favro yelped as he pushed passed Wills. Given the standard size of offices at the assembly this was more of a dismissive notion than an actual attempt to get anywhere. Favro, it seemed, was up to his neck in glass tablet reports. There was an out of commission sonatime machine in the corner, one … Continue reading


Wills is waiting.

Wills had seen enough. There had definitely been a spike of some kind and now a whole host of people presenting in clinic with depression. There hadn’t been depression like this since, his eyes monitored a trail of data points, the division.  Not since salaried work was abolished and replaced with the  pursuit of passion. … Continue reading