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We’ll Never Be Rested: What if Parents Rewrote the Lyrics to Lorde’s ‘Royals’?

Originally posted on Josh Stearns:
Lorde’s song “Royals” was everywhere in 2013. But my wife and I wondered, what if instead of a 17 year-old superstar, it was overtired parents of young kids who had written this song. The lyrics below are the result.¬†My friend, singer/songwriter Lisa Hillary¬† recorded our lyrics and it is amazing.…



“All this?” “And most importantly, this.” Jaxon was holding a vial. “In here is the uncertainty machine. Programmed randomness.” “A vial?” “It is ancient tech, as old as the sphere itself.” “But everything is -“ “Controlled centrally of course. Just every so often we do a random event. It is Earth-like and part of where … Continue reading



The slow and persistent blink, dark red and coming from deep within the iris, a perfect mirror for Will’s ambition. “He was once a lower intern. Gifted, yes, but not of the standard that would naturally advance in his department. I offered a solution. It’s elegant, really, he can see in one eye as you … Continue reading